Escoffier Comes to Battersea

It’s refreshing to meet a chef and restaurateur who don’t believe they need to fall in line with food fashions yet deliver wonderful, hugely enjoyable food, sensitively balanced with an exceptional and unusual wine list. At Gastronhome on Lavender Hill, Damien Fremont, chef/co-owner and Christopher Nespoux sommelier/co-owner model their modest, homely restaurant on the ethos

How authentic Sicilian food found its way to South Ken

The hunt for authentic granita led me to Iddu and what a discovery! The cafe serving exceptional Sicilian food is the brainchild of successful restaurateur Luca del Bono who was born on Lipari, one of the Aeolian islands, and brings huge passion to the venture. Almost all the ingredients are sourced from Sicily and the

Why not all great coffee shops are in Shoreditch

Exceptional coffee defines Story Coffee, Sof Alam’s first venture and exemplifies the discerning attention to detail of what could be my blueprint for a perfect coffee shop. “Everything we offer has its own story and absolute transparency, hence the name,” says Alam. The wonderfully fruity cappucino is an Ethiopian blend by Square Meal roastery and

Why I keep going back to The Dairy

My fourth visit to The Dairy and as great as ever.  The combination of  utterly delicious, zingy fresh flavours, much from their roof top, and such laid-back service makes for really relaxed dining that is always more than the sum of its parts. I can’t get enough of the bone marrow butter and am cool

E5 Bakehouse

Loved meeting Ben Mackinnon founder of E5 Bakehouse today with Vanessa Kimbell (of  Ben started out preparing dough at home and borrowing a wood-fired oven from a pizzeria each night to bake.  Now prepares Hackney Wild sourdough in batches of 30 kilo dough with 72 hour fermentation of wild yeast.  Bakes up to 1000

The Green Room SE1 Shoots of Hope for a Greener Future

How refreshing to visit a restaurant in first week of January that delivers far more than expected.   I was impressed by the depth of The Green RoomSE1 sustainable commitment in every aspect of the restaurant from construction through to aprons (made from used hessian coffee sacks from Mozzo).  It’s a collaboration between The National

What Sudi Sampled This Week

This week Sudi sampled: Far too many juices from Press. Though, I enjoyed the green juice especially: kale, spinach, cucumber, ginger and more, an all liquid diet is not for me. I missed masticating far too much, though managed 36 hours and really did feel good, clear and energised from it. A memorable mouthful of

The sheer artistic brilliance and creativity of Massimo Bottura

Massimo Bottura is simply unlike any other chef I’ve ever met.  He effervesces with creativity and talks quickly and passionately mixing art, jazz, memories , families and humour in a way that is utterly mesmerising.  So I knew I was in for a treat when he cooked  lunch for lucky press last Monday before doing

Cambridge, Sunday 26 October 2014

In search of a new treat whilst visiting my son in Cambridge as an alternative to Fitzbillie’s and The Anchor (and Midsummer House strictly for birthdays), we ventured to d’Arry’s – a sound move. Creative dishes in good-sized portions: a sizeable hunk of salmon cured in vodka with horseradish and beetroot prettily arranged, preceded mains