E5 Bakehouse

Loved meeting Ben Mackinnon founder of E5 Bakehouse E5 Bakehousetoday with Vanessa Kimbell (of www.sourdough.co.uk).  Ben started out preparing dough at home and borrowing a wood-fired oven from a pizzeria each night to bake.  Now prepares Hackney Wild sourdough in batches of 30 kilo dough with 72 hour fermentation of wild yeast.  Bakes up to 1000 loaves a week.   Fascinating too tasting their sourdough made with British heritage wheat milled by Gilchester’s Organics in Northumbria – far more moist dough with real bite and distinct flavour.  Sets the bar for  properly sustainable loaf with high mineral content and low food miles. Delicious chickpea & kale stew with British sheep’s cheese too for lunch in cafe.